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2017 Canadian Women’s STOH Pool

Hello, This year Joanne Pomalis and I have volunteered once again to run the pool for this year’s Canadian Scotties Tournament of Hearts.

Some of the curling clubs are graciously helping out once again and will accept pool entries for a great cause.

We currently have Huntley CC involved, and assuming that Rideau and Ottawa clubs will be involved as well, but awaiting permission from them.

The entry fee for this year’s pool will again be $10, with half the entry fee proceeds to be donated to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation.

Last year, we all together made a donation of $400 (which included some prize winners donating their winnings, thanks).

In all the STOH pools over the years, we have all donated a total of $2265 to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation.

I have attached the entry form, the format is the same as last year.

Again this year, there is a pre-qualification round involving New Brunswick, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut to qualify the last team for the Scotties immediately before the round robin.  All bonus questions do NOT include games from the pre-qualification round.

The last team qualifying for the STOH will be referred to as “QFR” on the entry form.

 New this year:

– if you rather be more anonymous with your entry, you may specify an entry name, which will be used in the standings

– (introduced in last year’s Brier pool), there will be a new bonus question, asking how many hog line violations in the round robin

– (also introduced in the Brier pool) we initiating a new “celebrity” entry, where we’ll be offering a free entry to a curling celebrity, and any winnings

from that entry will also be donated to a designated charity or curling program, this year’s celebrity hasn’t been determined yet.

There will be prizes paid out to the overall leaders, plus the leader of the round robin (details will be provided in the welcome e-mail)

There will be a prize for every 12 entries (with a minimum of 4 – top 3 overall, and top round robin)

The deadline for entries will be Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 2pm ET.

Entries may be either:

  •  a. dropped off at the Rideau Curling Club or e-mailed to me at, and then make payment at the bar of the Rideau Curling Club (a signature is required with the payment at the bar)
  • b. dropped off at the Huntley Curling Club or e-mailed to Joanne Pomalis at, and then make payment at the bar of the Huntley Curling Club (a signature is required with the payment at the bar)
  • c. dropped off at the Ottawa Curling Club or e-mailed to me at, and then make payment at the bar of the Ottawa Curling Club (a signature is required with the payment at the bar)
  • d. e-mailed to me at

and make a payment via Interac e-mail transfer to (pls provide password in your e-mail)

 The pool is open for anyone to enter, and multiple entries are permitted.

 Hardcopies of the entry form are will be available later this week at the Rideau, Huntley and Ottawa Curling Clubs.

 Good Luck,

Jeff Norman – B.C.Sc.Hon
Ottawa, ON

2017 Scotties Pool Entry

OTR 2017 Bonspiel Registration / Inscription pour l’OTR 2017 Bonspiel

To register online for the OTR 2017 Bonspiel, please  complete and submit the online form. Only one submission per team is required.

Update Jan 3, 2017:

Registration to the OTR 2017 Bonspiel is now closed

Pour vous inscrire en ligne à l’OTR 2017 Bonspiel, veuillez remplir et soumettre le formulaire en ligne. Une seule soumission par équipe est requise.

Mise à jour 3 Jan. 2017 :

L’inscription à l’OTR 2017 Bonspiel est termineé.